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Business in Singapore? You must have figured out till now that with more than 75% internet users and blooming e-commerce development in Singapore, it is essential to have an impressive website over the internet. A website is not just a business tool; it lays a very deep impact on consumer psychology.


This is why; it is not advised to just ‘exist’ on the internet but also use the website to market and present your business to reap the benefits of e-commerce development in a much more approachable and impactful ways. We bring you a simple checklist that you can use to see if your website qualifies to be the hotcake for the potential target market. Take a look!


  • Planned Layout

Stats by the makers of best website design in Singapore have already stated that developing a website without a planned layout is like aimlessly wandering on the roads, i.e. USELESS. A website should be made based on objectives. It should be designed to keep a user’s journey in mind. Which pages will they open, what material will they read and on what offers will they convert? Understanding this will help you design a site through the sales funnel which helps cultivate leads.

  • Elaborated and Interactive Home Page

Let your visitors scroll on your homepage. Be careful not to plan a very long homepage. Including 3-5 sections that help guide new and returning visitors will help create a seamless experience. So what will these sections be: this list may go on forever, but a hit list preferred by SSO Singapore for the trendiest elements include:


-Video introductions

-Product Features


  • Social Media Buttons

If your website currently lacks social networking buttons, a lot of social media traffic that has been created by people already reading your blog could be missing! If this sounds new to you, the tiny button for social media at the top or bottom should be put that connects your social media pages and website for better traffic. If you aim to make the best website design, this is something you shouldn’t neglect.

  • Call-to-Action

When you have landed your visitors on your site, do they know what to do next? When you don’t send them any sort of guidance, they won’t know which pages are for display or what actions are to be taken.

One of the many elements that indicate the next move user will take on the tab is the call-to-action button/s. Although many of us know this, it can be easy not to use them specifically to direct users around your website. Sites that have been recognized as the best website design in Singapore clearly have well defined and bold call to action buttons.

  • Navigation

Navigation is important while developing your website. It’s essential to incorporate a map that shows the main locations that users can visit.

There is nothing worse than a platform with a frustrating or disorganized navigation system. It is important to make sure that your visitors can easily locate what they are searching for. Neither it’s rocket science, nor is it expensive. If you are designing the website yourself, you can find easy, handy, hassle-free and cheap website designs in Singapore that can help you take inspiration.


  • Mobile Optimization

Don’t forget to customize your Web app. If you don’t already know, 80 percent of internet users own a smartphone, and “Google reports that 61 percent of users are unlikely to return to a web site that they had difficulty to use on the phone and 40 percent then visit the site of a rival.” If you are getting your website made externally, make sure you ask them for a mobile optimization since website design price is usually inclusive of the same.

  • 404 links

Depending on the size of your website, or how long it’s been around, you may have a few pages or links here and there that aren’t working. And on top of all that, your visitors won’t even let you know.

Take the time to evaluate whether or not your site has broken pages. You may be surprised to find previously high performing landing pages that are unpublished or website pages that are improperly linked.


Using the pointers above, you can efficiently get your website newly designed or revamped. Many companies offer a competitive website design price in Singapore. You can also make your own website through tutorials but make sure you keep these pointers in mind for a great website that’s a treat to the visitor’s eye and your business’s success.

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